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Cat N Bae Yoga is specialized with



- Anxiety and Depression


Sunset Portrait


- Repetitive Body Focused Behaviors (picking,pulling,biting)

- TMJ, Neck and Shoulders  

- Posture Cinic 

Flower Shadow


- Self Love

- Confident and Empowerment

Private Yoga

Aerial poleyoga_supine twist_edited.jpg
Aerial poleyoga_supine twist_edited.jpg

Initial meeting (No-cost )

New Student Special $35

Limited time only

Private Yoga Session Packages


Mini Session

  1. 60min 1:1 Yoga Practice

  2. Educational materials

  3. Lifestyle suggestions

  4. Posture comparison photos

  5. Catch-up call 30 min Session after    1 month from the first Session


Half Session

  1. 2x 60min 1:1 Vinyasa Yoga Practice

  2. Educational materials

  3. Lifestyle suggestion

  4. Posture comparison photos

  5. Catch-up call 30 min Session after 2 months from the first Session

  6. Dosha Quiz


Full session

  1. 4x 60min 1:1 Yoga Practice

  2. Educational materials

  3. Lifestyle suggestion

  4. Posture comparison photos

  5. Catch-up call 30 min Session after 2 months from the last Session

  6. Dosha Quiz

  7. Sadhana Practice customized for you


In Person Group Classes

Class Schedule

Tuesday 4:45 PM Hammock Yoga Gentle

Friday 11:15 AM Beginner Hammock Art

Friday 12:30 PM Hammock Yoga Gentle

Friday 1:45 PM Hammock Showcase Practice

Saturday 10:00 AM Hammock Yoga Gentle

Saturday 11:15 AM Hammock Yoga Power

Hammock Yoga

This class is an hour long Yoga practice with aerial hammock. Hammock is a great prob for deep stretching, inversions and adding challenges to certain poses. After we sweat, move, and breath, we will finish the practice with a deep relaxation called Savansana. Please Bring Yoga mat,two blocks, water bottle, and a mask!

Hammock Yoga Gentle

Short introduction about Aerial hammock Yoga

Slower paced flow and break down poses, Suggested for first time aerial hammock or No inversion experiences.

Hammock Yoga Power

Beginner classes are not required,I will try my best to lead all level. However, This class is faster and less demo of flow.

If you feel comfortable with inversions and finding right spot for your hangs, join us.

bobae hammock art by Kiki
IMG_0967 2.HEIC

Hammocks Art

Bring a Yoga mat (two blocks optional)

The class offers deep stretching, strengthening and playing in the hammock . This class will start with warming up with a Vinyasa Aerial Yoga flow and I will guide you through short dance sequences afterward.

Aerial Hammock Showcase

An hour long practice class to work on all hammock and silk related showcase performances.Bring a Yoga mat (two blocks optional)

Karen B D

(Creative Vinyasa class)

I love Bobae's classes!! They are different in that you're not just getting yoga, but she incorporates breathing exercises and Tae Kwon Do and martial arts into the practice. 

My favorite part of Bobae's classes was being able to dance around like a child, and do it on purpose!!

Bobae, Keep doing what you love, and others will feel your special spirit.

Kayla T

(Private Client)

I have been taking Private Yoga Session with Bobae for a few months now and will continue to do so because of how encouraging and relaxing her teaching style is. She works with me and pushes on the days I want/need to push myself, is active in correcting my posture and pulling me back to my breath, but will also be patient on the days I can't work as hard or do as much.

She is a perceptive teacher and creates a very welcoming, relaxed and judgement-free environment for me, someone who had never done yoga before, to feel safe practicing in.

Pole Revolution

Rebekah H. Dec 10, 2020

Today I had my first aerial hammock art class with Bobae and it was so AMAZING!! The stretches felt so good and class was just relaxing. I cant wait to have another class!

Jensen P. Sep 22, 2020

Gentle yoga with Bobbae is such a wonderful way to start your day. She asks you if you’re having any soreness etc and then a relaxing stretch to wake up to. Relaxing, calming, and great breathing exercises. Great for anyone of any level!

Aerial  Power Yoga

Bobae is such a kind soul and a great teacher. Even though it was my first time and the levels were mixed from first time to advanced, she made it fun for all.

Restorative Aerial - All Levels with
Terrific class! Really helps with my sleep problems.

Restorative Aerial - All Levels with
One of my favorite classes!


Aerial poleyoga_supine twist_edited_edited.jpg



As Yoga Teacher

Yoga Practitioner Since 2012

•Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours Jan to Oct 2019
(Cambio Yoga)
•Aerial Yoga Teacher Training 40 Hours Sept 2017

•Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours Sept 2018

(Yoga Treckking International)
•CPR First Aid Certification -2007

•Tae Kwon Do :Black Belt Level One Dec 2006

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