Hammock Yoga

This class is an hour long Yoga practice with aerial hammock. Hammock is a great prob for deep stretching, inversions and adding challenges to certain poses. After we sweat, move, and breath, we will finish the practice with a deep relaxation called Savansana. Please Bring Yoga mat,two blocks, water bottle, and a mask!

Beginners :

Friday 12:30 - 1:30pm

Saturday 10:30-11:30

Short introduction about Aerial hammock Yoga

Slower paced flow and break down poses, Suggested for first time aerial hammock or No inversion experiences.

Power :

Saturday 11:45 - 12:45pm

Beginner classes are not required,I will try my best to lead all level. However, This class is faster and less demo of flow.

If you feel comfortable with inversions and finding right spot for your hangs, join us.

bobae hammock art by Kiki
IMG_0967 2.HEIC

Hammocks Art

Bring a Yoga mat (two blocks optional)

The class offers deep stretching, strengthening and playing in the hammock . This class will start with warming up with a Vinyasa Aerial Yoga flow and I will guide you through short dance sequences afterward.

Class time : Friday 11:15sm-12:15 pm (Beginners)

Friday 1:45-2:45pm Show case practice (Dance choreography) 

Gentle Yoga

Bring a Yoga mat (two blocks optional)

This yoga class focuses on deeper stretching, modifications, and longer relaxation to slow down our body and mind to create space and peace. Bring a Yoga mat and any other favorite props of yours!

Class time : Tuesday 4:45

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