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Week 3 :Keep your routine going

Who do you follow

Homework 1

  • Introduce three favorite youtubers or content creators.

  • Why do you like them?

  • What did you learn?

  • How they changed your routine? 

  • Who should follow these people?

Stay home with clean and organized spaces: papers and documents.

Homework 2

  • If you have any long time homework to become an adult,(like myself) do your homework!

  • Organize important documents in labeled binders.

  • What kind of documents are in the files?

  • Any tips and suggestions for labeling, organizing papers party? 

Language, Memory, and Mental Time Travel

Homework 3

  • Read an article

  • Do you believe in time travel? 

  • What does language mean to you? 

  • Any take away from the article? 

  • Any words that you don’t know what it means? 

  • make any form of art

Asana Activity

Homework 4


Sun A tutorial
  • Write or draw Sun B routine focused on Breathing. 

  • As you get up, practice Sun salutation A first thing in the morning.

  • And adding sun Salutation B with some free flowing.

  • Listen to your body and follow what your body needs.

  • If your body is calling for dance move, go for it!

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