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Week 2 :What has died, and reform(reincarnated)  into your life?

What has died, and reform(reincarnated)  into your life?

Homework 1

  • Think about what has died, and how they reform during “staying home”

  • If you have not found a way to reform, think about other ways to do it

  • Write down how you feel.

  • If you can find ways to release these emotions, do it.

    • Trying... ritual,make art,make fire, workout, movement, dance,meditate and write a poem.

    • Share with the Tribe members!

Please help Korean women to find their human rights!

Homework 2

Asana Activity

Homework 3


Sun A tutorial
  • Write or draw Sun A routine focused on Breathing. 

  • As you get up, practice Sun salutation A first thing in the morning.

  • Practice gratitude towards the sun while you do it. No matter what, the sun is always rising and shining on us. 

  • Suggestion : finding your sleeping cycle synchronized with the natural rhythm.  

  • Try getting up at sunrise and close your day as the sun goes down. 

  • Humans are part of the earth, following natural rhythm can increase the joy of being alive. 

  • Option to make time lapses video (Tutorial video will be posted here soon)

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