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Week 1 : Self realization

How do you manage your life?

Homework 1

Please introduce your life managing tools

  • Notebooks

  • Apps

  • Planner & journal

  • Work notebooks

  • Post it

Please introduce your spaces

  • Workout Yoga corner(What kinda prob do you have?)
  • Work station(how long are you sitting, how can you make it better?)

  • Hobby & Resting spaces(Do you feel comfortable and relaxed in your space?)  

Art Project

Homework 2

Asana Activity

Homework 3


  • Every day Hold you plank for 1 min,record time lapse video post it by next Monday
  • (Example ) 20sec hold 10 sec break x3
  • How to hold your plank Position
  1. Place a block between your leg(A rolled towel, book, workout ball anything you can squeeze in )

  2. Option to do it on your knees,forearms or fists listen to your body! 

  3. Hands placed about shoulder distant

  4. Palms spread all the way, find press down the fingertips like a kitten

  5. Tuck your chin, imagine you're holding a soft peach, press your ears back to shoulders. 

  6. Suck up your lower ribs,

  7. Activate Mulabandha pelvic floor muscles(The muscle when you are holding pee)

  8. Micro bends on your elbows

  9. Press your hills towards back of the mat 

  10. ujjayi belly breathing while your holding the pose

  11. Relax your jaws and face muscles

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