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Cat N Bae Tribe meeting

Monday 10_30AM (MST).jpg
Introduction to the meeting
Namaste Y'all
Join us for weekly Tribe Meetings.
Let's keep each other healthy and productive while we protecting ourselves from the COVID-19.
  • Mondays 3/30- 4/20
  • 10:30 am (30mintues)
  • Zoom Call meetings
  • Simply send me an email through the website
  • The homework are optional
  • Feel free to join and post your homework anytime
I miss you!
Monday 10_30AM (MST)(1).png
Week 3 Keep you routine
Week three, Keep your routine going.
  1. Who do you follow
  2. Let's clean up the documents
  3. Language, Memory, and Mental Time Travel
  4. Sun Salutation B with free motion
Monday 10_30AM (MST).png
Week 2 What has died and reform?
Week two starts with noticing the change, and the new ongoing feminism movement in Korea that needs your help sharing the story. 
  1. What has died and reformed into your life
  2. New feminism movement in Korea (we need your help)
  3. Let's clean up the car!
  4. Sun Salutation A at sunrise
Monday 10_30AM (MST).png
Week 1 Self Realization
The Project starts with check in with your life, spaces, and get everything ready to jump in to a creative world.
Click the button to learn more about:
  1. Your first week homework
  2. Bobae's work and Yoga spaces
  3. Article and book about                               "Ars Moriend" the art of dying
  4. How to hold your plank correctly
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