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Karen B Drinkard

(TKD Aerial Yoga class)

I  love Bobae's classes!! They are different in that you're not just getting yoga, but she incorporates breathing exercises and Tae Kwon Do and martial arts into the practice. I believe my favorite part of Bobae's classes was being able to dance around like a child, and do it on purpose!! Keep doing what you love, and others will feel your special spirit.

 Kayla Tabaldi

(Private Client)

I have been taking yoga classes with Bobae for a few months now and will continue to do so because of how encouraging and relaxing her teaching style is. She works with me and pushes on the days I want/need to push myself, is active in correcting my posture and pulling me back to my breath, but will also be patient on the days I can't work as hard or do as much. She is a perceptive teacher and creates a very welcoming, relaxed and judgement-free environment for me, someone who had never done yoga before, to feel safe practicing in.


Anonymous on Class Pass

Aerial Yoga - Lunchtime with Bobae

Bobae is such a kind soul and a great teacher. Even though it was my first time and the levels were mixed from first time to advanced, she made it fun for all. I especially liked the community of people.

Restorative Aerial - All Levels with Bobae
Terrific class! Really helps with my sleep problems.

Restorative Aerial - All Levels with Bobae
One of my favorite classes!

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