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My Aerial Journey

The first time changed everything

March 25 2017

First time Aerial Yoga.jpg

😍My journey with Aerial Yoga #001🤸

I was in my last semester at of college as a Graphic Designer major in Montgomery AL. I had been practicing yoga for 5 years at the collage gym. My friend Chelsie introduced me to Kimmy who was aerial studio owner looking for a graphic designer for a rebranding. Kimmy and I met a few times for photo shoots, and she offered me to join the class.


From my first inversion in the hammock I could feel the reversal of body trauma.  One of my biggest traumas with injury was a big fall from the slide in the play ground when I was six years old. The visual while I was falling was the earth covered with sand coming rapidly close to my face and bright light and spark as my head landed on the ground. I call it "the fall!"

I am still suffering from neck and shoulder injury that I did not take care of when I was six years old.

The first time changed everything. That first feeling of decompressing my spine was unexplainable. Ever since that first class, I could not stop thinking about hanging in the hammock. I decided to become a Yoga and Aerial Yoga teacher to share and help other people who are suffering with their traumas. Even today, I am still looking forward to feel that same feeling.

Fly Aerial Studio

May - June 2017


Coming soon

Aerial Teacher Training

October 2017


The best decision I made so far.

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