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Group classes in Colorado Springs

Baptiste group classes

Hot Power Flow

Tuesday 12:00PM

First 30 Days Unlimited

for new students


Aerial Lunch hour

Thursday 12:00pm

First 30 Days Unlimited

for new students

Restoritive aerial.jpg

Restorative Aerial

Saturday 10:30

First 30 Days Unlimited

for new students

Central @Pole Revolution

1861 N Circle Dr,

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone : (719) 433-6616


Aerial Hammock

Tuesday 9:00AM

The hammock has lots of different ways to be enjoyed. It could be an intense exercise or relaxing tool depends on what you choose to do!  This class will start with warming up with a Vinyasa style Yoga flow and I will guide you through short dance sequences afterward. Recommended clothing for classes are some type of stretchy pants such as Yoga pants, leggings or capris that do not have any buttons or zippers, and  a comfortable t-shirt that covers your armpits. Please leave your jewelry and engagement ring at home for safety. 


TKD Aerial Hammock

Thursday 9:00AM

Bobae figured that Tae-Kwon Do in Aerial hammock has benefits of stretching hips, strengthening muscles, boosting kicks and even flying effects with kicks. This class offers students to try TKD without signing up membership or earning colorful belts.  At the Pole Revolution , Bobae offers TKD Aerial Hammock Dance. We will focus on strengthening legs, core, ankles and improving flexibility. We will start by warming up our body with Vinyasa style Yoga and move on to TKD activities in and out of the hammock including kicking targets, Poomsae (sequence of movements of TKD), and basic self-defense techniques in a rotation.

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