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Why Yoga?

It is not about Down-dog.

It is a life style, philosophy, therapeutic and healing.




Positive Mindset

Setting up Boundaries

Understanding of living

Strengthening, Flexibility 


Improve Focus

Turning off Panic Mode

Anxiety and Stress Away

Manta, Respect Your Self

Calming Nervous System


Self Realization

Check in with Present

Nature Rhythm and Life Style

Coaching Based on Korean, Indian Health long life style philosophy

Prevent injuries

Private Yoga Session

Initial Meet-up

Before you and I work together, I would like to meet with you face to face and get to know each other. I would like to get know where your yoga journey is. We can meet in person or through face time or other teleconference call. It would be roughly 30 minutes at no cost.

Accepting Private Clients

for Spring 2020

Upcoming Classes
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Why Cat N Bae

Cats are such beautiful creatures. They are the true Yogis in a small liquidy mammals.They teach you many lessons of life. 


Cats are my god-figures; muses for Art and Fashion 

One time, I accidentally killed a cat while I was driving, that accident taught me a life lesson and saved me from the situation I was in. I wanted to give it back to other cats who need help. 


I hope to guide my students to find spiritual connections with your own figures and help them to be healed.


Finding my divine figure set me free from fear of the unknown. 

It helps me to fight my anxiety and fills my heart with positive energy. 


Karen B D

(Creative Vinyasa class)

I love Bobae's classes!! They are different in that you're not just getting yoga, but she incorporates breathing exercises and Tae Kwon Do and martial arts into the practice. 

My favorite part of Bobae's classes was being able to dance around like a child, and do it on purpose!!

Bobae, Keep doing what you love, and others will feel your special spirit.

Kayla T

(Private Client)

I have been taking Private Yoga Session with Bobae for a few months now and will continue to do so because of how encouraging and relaxing her teaching style is. She works with me and pushes on the days I want/need to push myself, is active in correcting my posture and pulling me back to my breath, but will also be patient on the days I can't work as hard or do as much.

She is a perceptive teacher and creates a very welcoming, relaxed and judgement-free environment for me, someone who had never done yoga before, to feel safe practicing in.

Anonymous on Class Pass

Aerial Yoga - Lunchtime with Bobae

Bobae is such a kind soul and a great teacher. Even though it was my first time and the levels were mixed from first time to advanced, she made it fun for all. I especially liked the community.

Restorative Aerial - All Levels with
Terrific class! Really helps with my sleep problems.

Restorative Aerial - All Levels with
One of my favorite classes!

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Thank you for visiting my website.

If you like to join the online classes, or private Yoga session,

fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for submitting!

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